Blog 1- Why do we need a guru (Mentor)

Why do we need a guru (Mentor)?

Well, when you first time had to walk, you needed a push in the right direction. Right? You certainly were helped by your parents or someone to take those steps perfectly in the right direction.

Same is the case with your career or your life as a whole. As they say, “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. He/She helps you discover your real potential and work towards maximizing it.

At CPSTOWN, we are dedicated to providing you with a solution for every problem you have while you are in the crucial years of your growth. Therefore, here we enlist why a mentor is essential:

  • A mentor helps you understand yourself better.
A mentor helps you understand yourself better.

To explain this better, let us take an example: Anjali is a class X student and she is good at academics but great at sports. But as usual, she is confused and isn’t aware of which stream to take after X. Her parents too don’t understand what she is really made for and will do good in. Here is when a mentor plays an important role. If Anjali had a mentor to guide her and her parents she would have understood her better. Having a mentor helps you meet with the real you and know what will work for you in your career ahead.

  • A mentor helps you set a measurable goal.
A mentor helps you set a measurable goal.

What if you decide to lose 10 Kgs in a week? Is that a measurable goal?

Or you want to lose weight but don’t know how much and how?

Both these cases are a result of directionless fitness routine. Same is the case with your life. If you don’t know have a set goal to achieve or have a goal that seems unattainable in desired time then definitely your life is in a fix. A mentor, in this case, helps you to strategise your actions priorly and act accordingly. With the help of a mentor in your life, you are able to set attainable goals and even achieve them gradually. A Mentor helps you turn wishful thinking into achievable targets.

  • A mentor never lets you feel satisfied.
A mentor never lets you feel satisfied.

You know what, only a dead fish goes with the flow. So when you feel you are done achieving your target and now need a break, always remember it’s time to buck up, tie up your shoelaces and work harder. This is exactly what a mentor helps you do. If you are in the company of a mentor, you will never be allowed to settle. Consistent goal setting is essential for achieving new life success. It challenges us to always move forward towards new heights. For eg: if you wanted to get admission in one of the prolific medical institutes, your mentor will never make you feel it’s too far out of reach. Your mentor will challenge you, bring the best out of you and you will eventually end up achieving that goal.

  • A mentor will always have your back.
A mentor will always have your back.

No matter in whatever situation you are, a mentor will always be at your side. You can share with a mentor everything you wish to achieve in terms of short-term/ long-term goals and your mentor will have a way to achieve it. God Forbid, even if you fail to achieve those targets/goals, the mentor will always be there to pick you up, pump a bit and push you harder to achieve success.

Issac Newton said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” CPSTOWN totally believe that mentors extend clarity in your vision and enable you to achieve greater heights.

For undeniable counseling and resources that put you on the right track, feel free to contact us. We are waiting for you!

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