Terms & Conditions


“I get ignored so much” quoted Terms and Conditions

It is important for you to not ignore the terms and conditions mentioned below so that we have a healthy relationship that lasts for a long time. Please have a look on following points:

  • After you have registered with us on our portal you agree to receiving intimations through any means. If you need to opt out of it, you need to count on the privacy again.
  • Whatever is mentioned on our website it accurate to the best of our knowledge but we don’t take responsibility of the third party relating to technical failures, illegal content and damage caused by viruses.
  • All the payments at our website are in advance and  we do not commit to any refunds. If any refund we may consider, we do not guarantee the no. of days it would be processed.
  • The information quoted on this website if for your information. We do not take any liability of any damage caused.
  • CPSTOWN is directed solely to users located in India and abide by all the laws prevailing at the current time.
  • Changes can be made on the website without prior notice for accuracy, completeness, improvements or any other relevant matter.
  • The material provided on the website is for general use and not intended for any specific requirement of an individual or entity.    
  • www.cpstown.com cannot be held responsible for any error or omission on the website and use of the website is at own risk of the user.  


If you do not comply or agree with the above said terms and conditions, we regret to say, We won’t be able to gel up!

But if you fail to understand any of the above stated , or you wish to connect with us do write us at info@cpstown.com.

We are here waiting for your mails and for a wonderful partnership to start!