5 Promising Careers You Can Pursue If You Dislike Maths/Biology

Are you anyone of these “ kitne bade proofs hain, iss chapter mein. I do not want to study this anymore.


Itne saare salts kaise yaad honge?”

If the answer to any of the questions stated above is yes, then you my friend are at the right platform. The world isn’t going to get over if you do not take biology or maths in your senior classes. There are various amazing opportunities for you out there in which you can excel and do wonders. Everywhere there are talks about the STEM fields- Science, Technology, Engineering and Medical. But there are some people who outshine in their career overseeing the STEM fields and explore the talent they have within themselves in their careers ahead.

Let us go through some really cool options to pursue if you one of the maths and bio anti-squad.


Public Relations

Public RelationsIf you are a people’s person and love to interact with people, this career is for you. It is basically the science of maintaining relationships with the organisation and public. It is a great career option for the ones who like to know more about marketing, press releases, advertising and more. You need to possess great communication skills and high convincing power to take a step into this career.



Tourism or leisure

Tourism or leisureYou like going on and on in the woods or are concerned about the travel sequences always, then this industry is a go-to career for you. It is highly innovative and in-demand career nowadays.Tourism careers include working in a hotel or resort, on a cruise ship, in an adventure sports center, as a tour guide leading activities and historical trips, as a travel guide writer or as a driver or flight attendant. It is also a decent payable job and you get to live the life everyone desires and learn from various people you meet.



CinematographyDo you notice the lighting and the camera angle in a movie scene more than the stars, then you should head for this amazing field. You need to portray knowledge of lenses. Various diploma and full time courses are taught in institutes where you can master the art. Only a creative person can do well in this field who has the passion for lights, shadows and lenses.


Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking“Ethical Hacking is to evaluate the security of a system or network in order to find weakness or other malicious activities if possible in the system”. Some people confuse it with the Hacking which is done for wrong intentions. You also need to brush up the base that only engineers can become ethical hackers. No ! Any IT graduate can think of having a career in ethical hacking if you wish to save the organisations from hacking attacks.


Digital Marketing

Digital MarketingThe writer in you can land you a stable career in this field. This is also at peak in the current times as everyone is ready to read what you have to say. Content writing , social media marketing , search engine optimization are various stems of this field. Everyone wants to make their business reach out to their target audience, hence this is an ever growing field producing great results.


It is rightly said that do not worry about the failure , you only have to be right once. Take courage to land into a career which is made for you. Do not follow the crowd. You can stand apart!

Take the road less traveled by, it will create all the difference.