You are just 5 steps away from choosing the right stream after 10th!

“Beta science mei ache arhe hain marks, to science hi lena 11th mein” said Raju’s aunt to him while he was preparing for his boards. But is it the justified reason to take science after your high school? No!  It is said, “Nothing is more dangerous in this world than sincere ignorance”. And this is what we are!

Ignorant about the fact that it would be a life changing decision for us to choose the right stream for our career! So let us be smart and aware of what all should be taken care of while moving ahead…

1. Know the Real You

Know the Real YouBe who you are and not what the world wants you to be. Repeat this statement innumerable times and learn it by heart and implement it in your life.

Are you interested in knowing how your body works? Or how an engine works? Inclined towards knowing the real art of chopping onions? How to ace the perfect pencil stroke in a sketch? Or the geographies and the ancient history of the world?

And the questions go on and on…

Know what you want to know! Introspect what excites. Don’t just choose a subject because your relatives or parents said. Don’t choose a subject because your elder brother did or your sister is doing good in it.

Choose it because you can stand apart in it and outstand others. Develop certain interests in subjects. Figure out which subject’s homework you want to complete first or the subject you want to know more about? For which you can skip your favorite show, game and food as well? Develop that passion and you have the answer at your end.

Attempt our Stream Selector Test specifically designed to help students in this problem and come out with flying colors!

2. Hunt the career prospects/scope

Hunt the career prospects/scopeIt is a vital part of this process of choosing the right stream. As its scope in the future should be fruitful for us. For Eg: Arun wants to take up PCM in the 11th grade and aims to be an astronaut. Well , the career prospects of being an Astronaut in the future are quite bright to see for. Then there is Aruna who wants to take up Humanities in the 11th grade and aims to be a sociologist. So both the students have diverse aims and the career scope of both the choices are totally different.

Hence its important for you to check that the stream you choose is resistant to recession or not. It is vital also to see whether the field does good in the market or will its worth decrease after a certain period of time or not?

We know these are some tough steps to take for as the student at this stage is already a lot confused . So to clear this out, we have the 3rd step for you below!

3. “How May I Help You?”

How May I Help You?Asked the counselor! The best way to get your facts straight when you have googled a lot about choosing a stream after and made a mess in your mind is to go reach out to a career counselor who may help you from scratch to the best output available.

Have a talk with your teachers at school, because they know your abilities of performing wonders. A qualified professional counselor can help you clear out the mess created in your mind and also can be a bridge between you and your parents as sometimes you may have a different point of view in choosing a stream and your parents different. You can also send in a mail at for awesome counseling experience and getting all your worries vanish.

4. Go on a field trip

Go on a field tripYou might be thinking that you are perplexed here in making a choice and we are asking you to go on a trip! But it’s not the fun trip we are talking about.

You do have to pack your food along with you but not for singing or dancing but to have a look into field you are about to make a choice for. As in you want to become a Chef so you should schedule a meeting with the Chef around in the city, have a look on how he handles the work, see whether the environment suits you or not. Talk about the various difficulties which he faces and the ways to make you career strong.

Albert Einstein said “The only source of knowledge is experience”. So, go on a field trip, experience the energy there, see whether you belong to the world you have chosen for yourself or not!

5. IQ or EQ?

IQ or EQ?As per statistics, IQ predicts only 20% of success in your career while 80% of success in your life is predicted by EQ. Do you now understand how important it is, to know about your emotional intelligence as it will directly impact your career choices?

For Eg: A person who is straightforward, may not be a good diplomat agent. A person who fears the pain of others would not become a successful doctor. Hence emotions play an important role in our field of careers too. Try to figure out how to deal with people. So before choosing any stream you have to figure out that you are ready for dispute handling or the empathy handling situations required in your stream of work or not.

The bad news is time flies so take care of the decisions you make; the good thing is you are the pilot so it is you who is the creator of your wonderful life ahead!



Exam preparation in short time & what things should be taken before the exam ??

“Impossible is just an opinion” this is the famous quote by legendary Paulo Coelho. This resonates with our topic of the day as well. Examination time is on the head and the students’ heartbeats have started increasing as its just few days left to face the D-day. What do we do now to buck up and get the best results.? To make the impossible, possible. What do we do?  

So, Relax a bit, Take a deep breathe! We are going to help you out. It is time to do the SMART work than the hard work. How do we that? lets us see:

1. Sleep Timely


It is very essential to have a sound sleep of 6-7 hours. The calmer the mind, the better the results. Generally students in the peak days tend to over-stress themselves resulting into bad results and unwanted tension. Rather than exerting yourself for the whole night and feeling sleepy in the exam room, you should have a good sleep and wake up early in the morning with high spirits and full of enthusiasm so that no one not even you can  take right of yours to excel in the examination!


2. Manage Time


It is said “ Lost Time is never found again”. When the examination is very near ,   its important to know what exactly we have to study and how much and for how long. For eg: you want to study a subject you are weak in and you keep on just mugging up, investing yourself in that particular subject only then you have wasted your time.  You could have invested that time in the subject which you are very good at. This would help you to even save some time to polish the subject you are weak in. Managing time is an art which one should learn at an early age so that the fruit of it can be borned after.


3. Analyze your areas of study


Analysis will always make you understand what exactly is required to bring  the best result out and it will help you know where you are lagging. Exam time there is lots that goes in the mind and hence analyze what you have to achieve! What is your target and get yourself together to work towards achieving it. Remember small steps turn into large leaps. Just have confidence, sort yourself out and go ahead. You are a winner already!


4. Revise to the core of your heart


Heard about the quote “Fully revised is half work done”? The key to getting all answers correctly in the examination hall is thorough revision. If you have revised well, you can pen down the answers appropriately. There are many students who do not believe in revising beforehand and always end up Forgetting the topics which they have covered well.

Do not just keep on reading the notes you have. Always remember writing down the notes helps you to learn them better. It is important for you to solve the question papers asked previously in the exam so that you have an idea of the pattern of the question paper.


5. Train yourself


Train yourself to stand out in a group of people. Do not fear to lose out on  anything. Have confidence and face the situation. Some students have a nervous breakdown in the examination hall for no reason at all. So you have to understand this , it is you and only you who is going to bring the happiness and success to you. So calm yourself down and reach the exam center at least 15 minutes before and just relax. You are just few steps away from the awesome experience.


What is important in an examination is your peace of mind, and the SMART work will surely help you gain confidence and perform well!