Rajasthan State Flying School

About Us

Rajasthan State Flying School, Jaipur is a premier flying training institute which was earlier a full fledged Government Department. It had remained under total Government Control till 1991. The institution is the only one of its kind in the State which turns their Pilots. This is the primary fruitful activity of the Institute for which the Government should be proud of its achievements.

This activity is not being done solely for the school but for the State and Nation. Such fruitful activities embraced by this school are also being undertaken by various State Governments which are vested under various departments. The Rajasthan State Flying School is a premiere Flying and Gliding Training Intuition which is one of its kind in the State imparting a wide spectrum of training activities.

Since 1991 the flying school is a part of a Government Department. It was experienced that under G.F. & A. R. the financial function could not have been carried out efficiently and timely. Therefore it was decided at the Government level that this institution may be converted as a registered society but under the full administrative control of the Government. It helps the incumbent to get following types of flying licenses/Ratings:-
1. Student Pilot’s License
2. Glider Pilot’s License
3. Private Pilot’s License
4. Commercial Pilots License
5. Flight Instructors Rating
6. Instrument Rating

A lot of pilots who obtained training from this organisation and got licenses are flying with airlines and Air operators in the country.Detail of fleet available with this organisation is as under:-
1. Pushpak MK-1
2. Cessna-152
3. Cessna-172R
4. Sinus Motor Glider
5. Flight Simulator
This organisation is not functional at the present since last 4-5
years. Government is very keen to restore training flying activities in
the State once again for which efforts are being afoot.

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