Privacy Policy

When we promise to make your dreams come true, a lot of responsibilities come upon our shoulders to make you comfortable with us!

Listed below are some of the key notes we take care of:

  • We only keep track of how regular at our portal and what mode are you using to access it. We aren’t any Sherlock Holmes to take hold of more than that!
  • We collect your basic information as in your name, contactor mail-id for our database generation.
  • Under no circumstances, we tend to share/ sell your information your personal information.
  • We may tend to share it with the third party but only after you give it a yes.

As we said, We consider you our family so we won’t do any harm to your information whatsoever.

Trust US!

  • You might get reminder mails regarding the upcoming events at our portal, of which you always have an option to opt out of. As for us, your choice matters!
  • No passwords shall be asked from our end, if any such intimation is done to you please report to us.


  • We utilize cookies and similar technologies to recognize you when you revisit our website and provide you individualized website experience.
  • We respect DNT (Do not track) settings and will not use cookies when you are logged out of our servers.
  • By logging in you will authenticate CPSTown to ignore any such settings and use cookies for your personalized experience.
  • This privacy policy covers only CPSTown and doesn’t cover responsibility for any third party company.    
  • In case you delete your account, you agree to the fact that your data may be unrecoverable and CPSTown is not bound in the recovery of your data in any way.