Best Career Options In Airport Ground Staff (Aviation Industry)

The choices of career making is unfolding in different dimensions. It’s not like the old way when youth has to choose only between Medical or Engineering. Now the options are limitless. Its up to you that what is in your Wishlist to achieve. There are numerous short term diploma courses available in Industry that offers a respected Job profile with decent Salary structure. Talking in this league, career making in Airport Ground Staff is very popular nowadays. Its not just a great industry to work for but also a marvellous place to build your personality. So all the What, How, Why, about this course has been briefly covered in this article.

What is Airport Ground Staff & what they do?

At any airport, Ground staff is a group who proactively engaged in managing and maintaining the level of comfort of everyone present in the airport premises. Ground staff at an airport perform several important duties to ensure the safety and comfort of airline passengers and crew members. It includes baggage checking, stocking aircraft with refreshments and cleaning the plane and runway between flights. Their job also involves issuing the passengers their tickets, get their luggage stamped and to handle issues due to late/early departure and arrivals of flight.

How to become an Airport Ground Staff Executive?  (Course Details)

There are various institutes offering Certificate course for Airport Ground Staff. Taking training from such institutes will build your complete understanding about this industry.

It is a 3 to 6 months certification course offered by different institutes as well as some airlines too. The complete fees of this course varies from 40k-60k depending upon different curriculum offered by different institutes.

The major syllabus covered under of this course is listed below:

Persona management

Soft skills

Principles of aviation

Aviation operations

Customer service for global clientele

Resource management at airports

Load and trim Cargo

DGR Flight scheduling Airport ramp management

Getting acquired by such great skills will impart a great effect on your personality and result in betterment your professional career.

What are the Jobs and salary offered after completing this course?

The major job roles offered after completion of this course are following:

  1. Guest Service Personnel
  2. Guest Service Supervisor
  3. Passenger Service Staff
  4. Cargo Handling Staff

The salary bars for these profiles starts from 15,000 and goes to some good amount after relevant experience. If you compare the starting remuneration after completing this course with a high investment graduation programme then it is easy to find that going with this course is not a bad idea.

Choosing an industry that not only enhance your personality but also constructively build your living standard  is the best thing to go for. Making your career in Aviation industry will not only open the gates of career expansion but also make you rich in terms of strong work ethics and multinational corporate experience.

Best Career Options In Agricultural Engineering In India

Choosing a right career to pursue is not everyones’ cup of tea. It’s not just getting enrolled in any program with high placement promise. But actually, it is finding the right industry that matches your skill set. The most hotshot under graduate programme followed by Indian students is Engineering. The broad spectrum of courses available in Engineering give students a fair chance to choose any desired stream. But 90% of students are unaware of a special UG Programme that gives you better future in comparison to other conventional engineering streams.

What is

Engineering & Scope in India?

Agricultural engineering basically teaches students to use engineering principles toward problem-solving and improvement in agricultural systems. Agricultural Engineering helps to make agriculture sustainable, profitable and a very competitive business venture through various engineering inventions. The purpose of agricultural engineering programme is to provide an educational experience based on the fundamentals of engineering.

Course Details:

The basic eligibility criteria for getting enrolled in agricultural engineering programme across India is following:

  1. Combination of Phy-Chem and Maths (PCM) or Phy-Chem and Biology (PCB) is compulsory in 12th standard.
  2. Passing the entrance exam of Indian Council of Agricultural Research or JEE-M open the gates of big colleges.
  3. On the basis of marks obtained in Entrance examination student are eligible to be a part of counselling process that further leads to final admission. In this stage students opt different colleges offering this course.
  4. After getting admission, student have to attend 4 years of regular programme which is further segregated into 8 semesters.


The syllabus of agricultural engineering has a different flair as compared to regular B.Tech programme. The course of first 2 semesters of Ag. Engg. have some common subjects with B.E/B.Tech. But after first year, this course totally emphasize on core agriculture subjects. The intention of introducing these kind of subjects is to increase the in-depth study of agriculture. The Course has focus on solving real time problems faced by farmers. So to achieve this goal the curriculum of course is designed in a very proactive & interactive manner.

Jobs offered after Ag. Engg. :

Once a student completes this course, he/she can easily get a job in Govt. or Private sector. Students can go for these job opportunities.

Government jobs:

Each state has separate Agricultural Engineering department. Students can get better jobs in different agricultural department.


In banking sector there is special post for agriculture graduate as an Agriculture Field Officer.


After cracking ASRB (Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board) students can join as a Scientist.

Post Graduation:

After completing Post Graduation in Agricultural Engineering, students have options of joining any state university as well as some deemed universities as an Assistant Professor.

The starting average salary in private sector after completion of this course is 2.5 Lakhs per annum to 4.5 Lakhs per annum. This amount is not less than any average package offered in different engineering colleges in India. So the Return of investment of this course is fair & great. Students can really think to pursue their career in this field.

Tips And Tricks to Prepare for NEET EXAM 2018

Running short of time for NEET preparation, Right?

Calm Down. Take a Deep Breath and listen to us.

At CPSTOWN, we are here to take all your stress and worries. You just need to perform and do the best you can!

NEET is round the corner and everybody is busy into their textbooks and guides, referring to notes, studying into the night, and sitting at their desk, chewing on pencils and trying to memorise all the formulae. You wouldn’t find anyone sitting with their friends or watching television. At this crucial time, it is important to have some tips to crack the entrance.

So let us go through some of them:

Be aware about the syllabus

The syllabus is as vast as an ocean, and you really need to know the exact location to fish out the best output. Strike out the extra information and focus on important topics. We all know NEET exam covers NCERT syllabus as well, you should compare the syllabus with your Board exam syllabus. This will give you enough time to concentrate on the parts of the syllabus that are not yet covered. Make sure to go through these important Areas for NEET 2018 :

Physics – Mechanics, Optics, Thermodynamics and Nuclear Physics

Chemistry – Mole Concept, General Organic Chemistry, Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding, Coordination Chemistry

Biology- Ecology and Environment, Genetics, Cell Biology; Morphology, Reproduction and Physiology of Plants and Animals; Basics of Biotechnology

Circle out weaker areas and work on them

focus on weak areasIt is possible that you are very strong in Biology and weak in Physics. Do not get discouraged by the same.

Try and work hard more on the Physics syllabus to strengthen them. If required, take help from a friend or senior or take extra classes for the subject. It will help you in overcoming the fear of your weakness effectively.



Practice online Mock Tests

The key to successful qualification in any entrance examination is continuous practices of mock tests. One of the greatest challenges of the NEET examination is the time limitation in which the paper has to be completed. Students have to finish a slot of 180 questions in 180 minutes (3 hours). Meaning to spend only a minute on each question . Time management is a mandatory skill that is required for this exam. While practicing at home, make sure  you keep yourself familiar with the bondage of time and practise accordingly. For references, see complete solution of previous year question papers and focus on the frequently asked questions, topics and patterns.

Take a Break from Social Media

If you have the habit of continuously checking onto your notifications, then you will have to stop it immediately. Because there is no time left to waste. You should concentrate on your study plan and make it to effective to meet the end result. Try to stay away from all the distractions as they will cause an adverse impact .

If you are tired, go on a walk instead, listen to songs but do not waste your time in scrolling up the feed on your social media accounts. This will create enough space for you to diligently work towards achieving your goal.

Take good care of yourself

It’s crucial to take care both physically and mentally. Instead of complaining “I haven’t slept enough” or “I’m eating too much junk food,” take control and plan for bringing in the balance. This will help you to be happier and more productive. Avoid junk and oily foods and switch to healthy diet plans. Do meditation and yoga exercises for better concentration.




Do not work with tukkas(guesswork)

You must know that the exam has negative marking hence you should carefully attempt the questions. Do not just guess any question and  lose out on marks. Attempt only the ones you really know and can score a mark on.


The above few points should be kept in mind before appearing for the D-Day. Be positive. Give it your best shot and yes! Do not forget to carry your admit card along!

Good Luck!




How To Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses

How to recognize your strengths and weaknesses?

Every student dreams of a successful future. Rather than building castle in Spain it is better to follow your own goals and dreams because dreams are the most personalized asset that anyone can possess. From the day when your thoughts wore the cloak of shape, size, and matter, you’re dreaming. You’re dreaming of something bigger, better and blazing. A kid dreams of a bucket of toys, a student dreams of good grades, someone dreams of a better life while many of us dream of being rich and happy.

But, is achieving your dreams are that easy when you’re vulnerable to your weaknesses? You can run on your dream path with physical wounds but can’t put a step forward with a bruised mind. So how to conquer this outer world while defeating your inner demons? Even is it possible?

Of course, yes!

Otherwise Bruce Wayne could never become ‘The Batman’.

What is strength and weakness?

Let’s understand this concept in a layman way. Anything that you can do effortlessly and the outcome of that action is constructive then such things fall under the category of strength. While on the other hand, something abrupt bump into your regular daily routine that make you feel low and stop you to do things that make you feel happy then this kind of feelings, emotions or events fall under the category of weakness.

e.g. There is a boy who enjoy playing football. He is the center forward player in his team. He is very good in dribbling the football and with the long kick too. During a match he kicks a goal from this position. But in the next minute his position has changed from center to midfield. Now forget of kicking a goal he is struggling to keep the football with him.

So what is the takeaway of this story?

Dream of the boy                             : To be a great football player                                            

Strength of the boy                          : Playing from center forward                                            

Weakness of the boy                        : Playing from midfield

In the same way we all have some great strengths that we can harness into our success.  Just like the other side of the coin, weakness comes with super strengths. But anyone can manage to do wonders by attenuating their weaknesses.

So how to recognize our strength and weaknesses?

Just ask the below questions to yourself to find your strong and weak points:

  1. What jobs do you really excel at?
  2. What are the areas where you’re most productive?
  3. What types of work do you naturally find easy?
  4. Which jobs do you find easiest when problem solving?
  5. Which areas are you really confident working in?

Answers of these questions not just only give you a clear picture of what you like or dislike but also widen your thought process.

What are some general strengths and weaknesses anyone can posses?


strengths - cpstown


People say that being optimistic is not the real approach or it’s not the reality but neither is being a pessimist. Then why be pessimistic towards life. Figure out how do you see a glass filled with water up to the centre.


Trying to understand & truly feel what another person is going through (basically putting yourself in their shoes) is a trait most of us naturally inhibit. It’s not always easy, but if you want to be an empathetic person than you will always give priority to meaningful conversations & connections and develop a better understanding of people. Do you feel bad about your friend who couldnt score good marks. Then you empathize towards him.

Love for Learning:

love for learning can help you to get over many weaknesses because when you strive to improve yourself, your focus shifts to positivity – your focus shifts to problem-solving. Reading about different experiences, hearing stories and watching inspirational posts will always help you to look at the brighter side of life.


weaknesses - cpstown


Whether you are a student, an employee or a housewife. Procrastination really adds more stress to life. And honestly, breaking a bad habit is hard. Delaying work, waiting for the last night before the deadline, & just leaving everything for the last minute. According to a research, 95% of us procrastinate to some extent.

Self- Criticism:

To some degree everyone have fallen into the trap of self-criticism. Over analysing & questioning abilities, I am not good enough for this position? I am not prepared for this presentation, I should have spent more time on this assignment, I am not pretty enough etc.

Worrying & Over-thinking:

Spending hours & days about a certain issue and sometimes blowing things out of proportion due to over thinking.

Worrying > Over-thinking > More Worry!

It’s a never-ending cycle that we somehow get stuck into.


By comparing yourself you are actually demeaning all your struggles, things that you have achieved and belittling yourself.

Weaknesses are not bad nor do they need to be destroyed. More often, altering them slightly will be to your advantage and allow them to become a strength. Having a goal in mind — what to do with your strengths — will give you healthy motivation to address your weaknesses, instead of assuming addressing weaknesses will reveal your purpose. You need to make yourself sure about dealing with them because this will help you in your stream selection thereafter.




Amazing Career Options For PCM Students Apart From Engineering

It is rightly said, “The purpose of education is to make choices clear to people , not to make choices for the people.” We need to understand that the choices we make are going to bring us to the place where we will be in future. Not every who takes PCM in class their intermediate wants to be an engineer. And one should not be as well. One should always stop, evaluate the options and then move ahead with his/her choice in this career field. Engineering is not the only option for the  students in PCM but then you will ask are there any other options open? Answer to it is Yes!

Here are few amazing options apart from Engineering:


career in statisticsIf you like dealing in numbers and data, this is your go-to option for career. It is not the regular course of mathematics where you have to deal in theories , this aims to apply them in practice to make predictions in trends. It is an amazing combination of maths and statistics to build data models helpful in solving problems. If you have strong aptitude, strong reasoning and have a wish to deal in number game, then go for it. There are varying fields where you can land into a job like data science, Public Health Policy, Investments, Insurance ,Banking etc.


career in architectureBridges, towers and landscapes do not just pop-out  from anywhere into this world. These are the wonders of architecture. Planning and designing are the essential components of this field. You need to have observational skills, aesthetic sensitivity, critical thinking, and a string for efficient use of space and eye-for-detail. You will have to closely work with your clients to customize designs according to specifications involved in the creation and restoration of buildings, such as residential complexes, malls, restaurants etc. You can choose to specialize in so many sub-fields, such as Urban Planning, Urban Design, Sustainable Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Architectural Conservation, Interior Design, Industrial Design, etc.

Fashion Technology

career in Fashion TechnologyAre you a person having a great interest in Fashion? Fashion Technology seeks to be a mix of the principles of manufacturing and technology, with those of design. People in this career, thus are inclined towards working on the design and development of fabrics, and the manufacturing process to ensure quality and efficiency of fabrics and garments. During this course, you learn about textile fibers, fabrics, garment manufacture, and garment design .Those with an inclination towards fashion and a love for technology can look forward to an exciting and rewarding career in this field. You have an opportunity to work in fashion houses, retail chains, garment manufacturing unit and television industry.


career in Animation-GraphicsThis field is phenomenal and is growing exponentially as VFX, post production and CGI has achieved great heights. There was a great need of these technologies and we have been outsourcing this since a long time from overseas. Hence , over the time it was a need to grow this field in-home.You will get knowledge about 3D Animation, Digital Film-Making, Animation, VFX, Multimedia Production, Graphic Design, etc. in this field. You can also build a thrilling career in this field if you possess strong creative skills, aesthetic sense, ability to work with computers and technology, and a love for design and multimedia.

There is a vast range of opportunities available, including, Graphic Design, Game Design, Digital Art, Web Design, 3D Modelling, Flash Design, Story-boarding, Texturing, Cartoon Design, VFX, Composition & Story Writing, Character Animation etc. So go for it if you want to know how that dinosaur in Jurassic Park was created !

Industrial Design

career in Industrial DesignWhen you hear of this word suddenly you feel, what would this be? This involves the technical expertise of a science student.  Product Designers (a sub-field of Industrial Design) are involved in the design and manufacture of products, ranging from mobile phones, Bluetooth headphones, smart watches, to wheelchairs, furniture, and home appliances. Yet another application of industrial design – Automobile Design deals with the design and manufacture of automobiles, such as cars, bikes, and even buses.You can explore opportunities as a Product Designer or Industrial Design Researcher in the manufacturing sector, research institutes, information technology companies, and with companies that deal with the design of innovative products

You just need to know that being an Engineer is not the only profession you can choose. Be it something fashion driven like fashion technology, to something grounded in detailing design like Animation, the possibilities are endless!




Alternate Career Options For PCB Students (Apart From Medical)

You took Biology in your intermediate and rest in history.  

Do you really feel apprehensive about your future? How will things turn up for you in the end?

If the answer to any of the two questions stated is yes, then you are at the right platform.

At CPSTOWN, we make sure to understand the mindset of the students and parents thereby providing with the best career guidance support available in the market.

If you are a Biology student, who said being the Doctor is the only choice. Medical coaching is not the last most option left. If you do not see your career in the field of medicine then you ought not to. It is an ages long perception of people generalising all the biology students becoming doctors. It is high time that we change this , wake up and know that it takes courage to no do the obvious.

Here are the promising careers that PCB students can pursue apart from being in-midst of the patients:

Food Science

Food ScienceDo you want to work in a Cadbury manufacturing unit knowing the whole process how is it done or do you want to be a dairy technologists. If you have an inclinations towards researching and developing new food products or improving the quality of existing products, you can go for a course in food technology. This is an emerging field and proves to be an amazing career opportunity in the likes of process development scientist, product development scientist, nutritionist etc.


career in microbiologyAre you one of those who are interested in knowing the existence of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses etc. and their interactions with humans, animals, plants and other organisms in the environment? Then microbiology is the stream for you. Here you will get to research in detail about how various microorganisms affect our lives. There are various sub-fields like virology,mycology etc. where you can specialize. By pursuing this course you can win yourself a job in quality control, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, breweries etc.

Environmental Science

career in Environmental ScienceNothing makes one feel better than being a savior. Environment science is a phenomenal and important field in the current world that involves the study of the physical, chemical and biological components of the environment and their interactions. If you want to be an Environmental scientists , you will have to investigate environmental issues such as global warming, ozone depletion, waste management, water pollution, etc. and how these issues can be dealt with utmost perfection and agility. Prospective jobs for a person pursuing  environmental science are in forestry, pollution control board, water plants etc.


career in BioinformaticsIf you are really great at computers but are a PCB student, then you should try your hands in the field of bioinformatics. This  field basically deals in combining together biology, computer science, and information technology. If you choose this field, you will have to  work on developing and using tools and techniques for analyzing biological data. For example, as a bioinformatics professional you can develop a software for accessing and analyzing data from biomedical and pharmaceutical studies. You can also work as a bio-analyst and clinical research associate if you are inclined towards bioinformatics.


career in PhysiologyHow does a human body function? What is the mechanism of activities taking place in a human’s body? Physiology is an answer to these questions. Physiologists generally study a wide variety of topics including organs, anatomy, cells, biological compounds, and muscles, and how they interact and work together to keep the body functioning. In addition to studying human physiology, there are other branches of the field as well which is taken under the wide topic of physiology such as plant physiology, cellular physiology, microbial physiology, etc. If you aim to practice physiotherapy or clinical exercise this is you go to field of study.

Having said that, as students and parents you would have understood that taking biology in 12th doesn’t equals being a doctor. It is not at all a compulsion. You need to clear this air about this misconception and we are always there with you at every step of yours. If you doubt, Try yourself, be in touch and you will agree why CPSTOWN is a one stop platform for your career worries!




 5 Promising Careers You Can Pursue If You Dislike Maths/Biology

Are you anyone of these “ kitne bade proofs hain, iss chapter mein. I do not want to study this anymore.


Itne saare salts kaise yaad honge?”

If the answer to any of the questions stated above is yes, then you my friend are at the right platform. The world isn’t going to get over if you do not take biology or maths in your senior classes. There are various amazing opportunities for you out there in which you can excel and do wonders. Everywhere there are talks about the STEM fields- Science, Technology, Engineering and Medical. But there are some people who outshine in their career overseeing the STEM fields and explore the talent they have within themselves in their careers ahead.

Let us go through some really cool options to pursue if you one of the maths and bio anti-squad.


Public Relations

Public RelationsIf you are a people’s person and love to interact with people, this career is for you. It is basically the science of maintaining relationships with the organisation and public. It is a great career option for the ones who like to know more about marketing, press releases, advertising and more. You need to possess great communication skills and high convincing power to take a step into this career.



Tourism or leisure

Tourism or leisureYou like going on and on in the woods or are concerned about the travel sequences always, then this industry is a go-to career for you. It is highly innovative and in-demand career nowadays.Tourism careers include working in a hotel or resort, on a cruise ship, in an adventure sports center, as a tour guide leading activities and historical trips, as a travel guide writer or as a driver or flight attendant. It is also a decent payable job and you get to live the life everyone desires and learn from various people you meet.



CinematographyDo you notice the lighting and the camera angle in a movie scene more than the stars, then you should head for this amazing field. You need to portray knowledge of lenses. Various diploma and full time courses are taught in institutes where you can master the art. Only a creative person can do well in this field who has the passion for lights, shadows and lenses.


Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking“Ethical Hacking is to evaluate the security of a system or network in order to find weakness or other malicious activities if possible in the system”. Some people confuse it with the Hacking which is done for wrong intentions. You also need to brush up the base that only engineers can become ethical hackers. No ! Any IT graduate can think of having a career in ethical hacking if you wish to save the organisations from hacking attacks.


Digital Marketing

Digital MarketingThe writer in you can land you a stable career in this field. This is also at peak in the current times as everyone is ready to read what you have to say. Content writing , social media marketing , search engine optimization are various stems of this field. Everyone wants to make their business reach out to their target audience, hence this is an ever growing field producing great results.


It is rightly said that do not worry about the failure , you only have to be right once. Take courage to land into a career which is made for you. Do not follow the crowd. You can stand apart!

Take the road less traveled by, it will create all the difference.




6 Steps To Help Your Child Choose The Right Stream

Parents serve as a major influence in the career selection and growth of a child. The support and confidence which they give, is a major stepping stone for a child to choose the right path. At the tender age when he/she is in high school and at the verge of choosing a stream for oneself, parents need to be with the child , understand him/her and accordingly take a decision.

In this tough time, it is also important to take care of the following points which will help you take a better choice. Let’s begin.


1. Be patient and encouraging

Be patient and encouragingDear Parent, be an encourager to your child because there are many critics out there in this competitive world. There might be instances when  you feel that the choice your child is making might not be good but give him/her the time to figure out.

Maybe your child has an aptitude for that kind of work. Be patient with him/her and let him/her explore. It is for his/ her betterment.


2. Support Gender Equality in Education

Support Gender Equality in EducationLadkiyan pilot nahi banti “beta”, kuch aur socho”. Why? Ask yourself why should you limit your child due to his/her gender. Times have changed but it’s sad that still in some families, parents don’t support their children pursue their dream career.

Why can’t a boy take arts in 11th and study painting? Or Why can’t a girl take PCM and become an astronaut? They can if they have an interest in such fields and can do good . As a parent, you should figure out whether your child has those capabilities or not. If the child is capable, please don’t bring in the gender game and let him/her just fly!


3. Do Your Homework!          

Do Your HomeworkAs a parent, your time has begun. Your child is discovering his interests and passions and you have to be there. Start reading relevantly about the stream your child is interested in and suggest some courses which could help your child perform better.

Try to introduce your child to someone who belongs or is related to the stream he is interested in so that he can learn about the practical aspects of the career.

Consult a career counselor or any medium that can help you ease out your issues. We at CPSTOWN, pledge to help you out with the best career guidance. 

Always have a backup plan because you have very limited time.


4. Your child is not an extension of you everywhere             

Your child is not an extension of you everywhereAs a parent, it is essential to understand that though it’s your child, he/she isn’t your replica. If you are a successful businessman that doesn’t mean your child can also be a businessman. Or if you’re a skillful doctor, it’s doesn’t mean that he/she too can be a doctor. Excessive parental interference can negatively affect child’s future. Always remember that your child is capable of performing wonders.

Don’t just restrict him/her by just imposing your choices.

Many times, we desire from our children to do all that we weren’t able to do in our times, which we couldn’t succeed in. But that only crushes the child and his/her performance in future. Her/his performance will definitely decrease.


5. Listen to All, but do what is right

Listen to All, but do what is rightIt’s generally observed that parents do get influenced by what the people around say to them. “Paisa bahut hai doctary mei, Raju ko doctor banana”. What if Raju likes studying business and commerce? What if Raju isn’t at all inclined towards studying medicine?

It is good to discuss with people but you should always do what’s right for your child. Just because you can earn money in any particular field because someone told you doesn’t guarantee success of your child in that field. Having unrealistic expectations will always make you sad in the end. It’s much better to understand the child and his/her aptitude than learning from others about your child’s future.


6. Collective Decision

Collective DecisionYou should take your final decision collectively. Your child should also have the right to take decisions. You should open the communication grounds for your child so that he/she can share with you everything.

The decision that you take should be of product of your child’s preference and your research. As a parent, you need to believe in your child and take care of her/him.

If your child chooses a stream according to your choice, he/she may not succeed. But if your child chooses the right stream according to his choice and your understanding, he can surely perform wonders in it.

So try to be companions to your children and choose collectively so that you can help and not pressurize them.


You are your child’s guiding light. You are his facilitator in this journey. Allowing your child take his/her decisions, you are helping her/him take the first step of adulthood.




You are just 5 steps away from choosing the right stream after 10th!

“Beta science mei ache arhe hain marks, to science hi lena 11th mein” said Raju’s aunt to him while he was preparing for his boards. But is it the justified reason to take science after your high school? No!  It is said, “Nothing is more dangerous in this world than sincere ignorance”. And this is what we are!

Ignorant about the fact that it would be a life changing decision for us to choose the right stream for our career! So let us be smart and aware of what all should be taken care of while moving ahead…

1. Know the Real You

Know the Real YouBe who you are and not what the world wants you to be. Repeat this statement innumerable times and learn it by heart and implement it in your life.

Are you interested in knowing how your body works? Or how an engine works? Inclined towards knowing the real art of chopping onions? How to ace the perfect pencil stroke in a sketch? Or the geographies and the ancient history of the world?

And the questions go on and on…

Know what you want to know! Introspect what excites. Don’t just choose a subject because your relatives or parents said. Don’t choose a subject because your elder brother did or your sister is doing good in it.

Choose it because you can stand apart in it and outstand others. Develop certain interests in subjects. Figure out which subject’s homework you want to complete first or the subject you want to know more about? For which you can skip your favorite show, game and food as well? Develop that passion and you have the answer at your end.

Attempt our Stream Selector Test specifically designed to help students in this problem and come out with flying colors!

2. Hunt the career prospects/scope

Hunt the career prospects/scopeIt is a vital part of this process of choosing the right stream. As its scope in the future should be fruitful for us. For Eg: Arun wants to take up PCM in the 11th grade and aims to be an astronaut. Well , the career prospects of being an Astronaut in the future are quite bright to see for. Then there is Aruna who wants to take up Humanities in the 11th grade and aims to be a sociologist. So both the students have diverse aims and the career scope of both the choices are totally different.

Hence its important for you to check that the stream you choose is resistant to recession or not. It is vital also to see whether the field does good in the market or will its worth decrease after a certain period of time or not?

We know these are some tough steps to take for as the student at this stage is already a lot confused . So to clear this out, we have the 3rd step for you below!

3. “How May I Help You?”

How May I Help You?Asked the counselor! The best way to get your facts straight when you have googled a lot about choosing a stream after and made a mess in your mind is to go reach out to a career counselor who may help you from scratch to the best output available.

Have a talk with your teachers at school, because they know your abilities of performing wonders. A qualified professional counselor can help you clear out the mess created in your mind and also can be a bridge between you and your parents as sometimes you may have a different point of view in choosing a stream and your parents different. You can also send in a mail at for awesome counseling experience and getting all your worries vanish.

4. Go on a field trip

Go on a field tripYou might be thinking that you are perplexed here in making a choice and we are asking you to go on a trip! But it’s not the fun trip we are talking about.

You do have to pack your food along with you but not for singing or dancing but to have a look into field you are about to make a choice for. As in you want to become a Chef so you should schedule a meeting with the Chef around in the city, have a look on how he handles the work, see whether the environment suits you or not. Talk about the various difficulties which he faces and the ways to make you career strong.

Albert Einstein said “The only source of knowledge is experience”. So, go on a field trip, experience the energy there, see whether you belong to the world you have chosen for yourself or not!

5. IQ or EQ?

IQ or EQ?As per statistics, IQ predicts only 20% of success in your career while 80% of success in your life is predicted by EQ. Do you now understand how important it is, to know about your emotional intelligence as it will directly impact your career choices?

For Eg: A person who is straightforward, may not be a good diplomat agent. A person who fears the pain of others would not become a successful doctor. Hence emotions play an important role in our field of careers too. Try to figure out how to deal with people. So before choosing any stream you have to figure out that you are ready for dispute handling or the empathy handling situations required in your stream of work or not.

The bad news is time flies so take care of the decisions you make; the good thing is you are the pilot so it is you who is the creator of your wonderful life ahead!