amazing options apart from Engineering

Amazing Career Options For PCM Students Apart From Engineering

It is rightly said, “The purpose of education is to make choices clear to people , not to make choices for the people.” We need to understand that the choices we make are going to bring us to the place where we will be in future. Not every who takes PCM in class their intermediate wants to be an engineer. And one should not be as well. One should always stop, evaluate the options and then move ahead with his/her choice in this career field. Engineering is not the only option for the  students in PCM but then you will ask are there any other options open? Answer to it is Yes!

Here are few amazing options apart from Engineering:


career in statisticsIf you like dealing in numbers and data, this is your go-to option for career. It is not the regular course of mathematics where you have to deal in theories , this aims to apply them in practice to make predictions in trends. It is an amazing combination of maths and statistics to build data models helpful in solving problems. If you have strong aptitude, strong reasoning and have a wish to deal in number game, then go for it. There are varying fields where you can land into a job like data science, Public Health Policy, Investments, Insurance ,Banking etc.


career in architectureBridges, towers and landscapes do not just pop-out  from anywhere into this world. These are the wonders of architecture. Planning and designing are the essential components of this field. You need to have observational skills, aesthetic sensitivity, critical thinking, and a string for efficient use of space and eye-for-detail. You will have to closely work with your clients to customize designs according to specifications involved in the creation and restoration of buildings, such as residential complexes, malls, restaurants etc. You can choose to specialize in so many sub-fields, such as Urban Planning, Urban Design, Sustainable Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Architectural Conservation, Interior Design, Industrial Design, etc.

Fashion Technology

career in Fashion TechnologyAre you a person having a great interest in Fashion? Fashion Technology seeks to be a mix of the principles of manufacturing and technology, with those of design. People in this career, thus are inclined towards working on the design and development of fabrics, and the manufacturing process to ensure quality and efficiency of fabrics and garments. During this course, you learn about textile fibers, fabrics, garment manufacture, and garment design .Those with an inclination towards fashion and a love for technology can look forward to an exciting and rewarding career in this field. You have an opportunity to work in fashion houses, retail chains, garment manufacturing unit and television industry.


career in Animation-GraphicsThis field is phenomenal and is growing exponentially as VFX, post production and CGI has achieved great heights. There was a great need of these technologies and we have been outsourcing this since a long time from overseas. Hence , over the time it was a need to grow this field in-home.You will get knowledge about 3D Animation, Digital Film-Making, Animation, VFX, Multimedia Production, Graphic Design, etc. in this field. You can also build a thrilling career in this field if you possess strong creative skills, aesthetic sense, ability to work with computers and technology, and a love for design and multimedia.

There is a vast range of opportunities available, including, Graphic Design, Game Design, Digital Art, Web Design, 3D Modelling, Flash Design, Story-boarding, Texturing, Cartoon Design, VFX, Composition & Story Writing, Character Animation etc. So go for it if you want to know how that dinosaur in Jurassic Park was created !

Industrial Design

career in Industrial DesignWhen you hear of this word suddenly you feel, what would this be? This involves the technical expertise of a science student.  Product Designers (a sub-field of Industrial Design) are involved in the design and manufacture of products, ranging from mobile phones, Bluetooth headphones, smart watches, to wheelchairs, furniture, and home appliances. Yet another application of industrial design – Automobile Design deals with the design and manufacture of automobiles, such as cars, bikes, and even buses.You can explore opportunities as a Product Designer or Industrial Design Researcher in the manufacturing sector, research institutes, information technology companies, and with companies that deal with the design of innovative products

You just need to know that being an Engineer is not the only profession you can choose. Be it something fashion driven like fashion technology, to something grounded in detailing design like Animation, the possibilities are endless!




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