Come, Know ABOUT US!

Shakespeare said “ What is in a name?” But we at CPSTOWN help you bridge the gap between ignorance and knowledge about choosing the right career for you. Hence we justify ourselves calling Counselor +Parent +Student TOWN because we can think as a parent and student both!

We started off in 2014 with an aim to nurture to the needs of a student which could help him/her to pursue his/her dream career. What do you want to see on a platform which will be a torch bearer to the path you want to go in? Think for a bit. Yes! All that you are thinking in your mind right now is what all we have! Just name and we have it all!

    • The right knowledge about the various eminent schools, colleges and universities? YES
    • The right knowledge about the various emerging spheres of studies and courses? YES
    • The right counseling required for you to clear out your doubts regarding right career choices? YES
    • Well managed database of educational institutions to provide you with the best on your platter? YES

Just name it and we provide you with the best services you can ever avail.


Lets take an instance, Raju is a class 10th student and a great lover of almost all subjects he studies in the school. In his speaking classes, he is asked to speak about what he aims to be when he grows up? Perplexed Raju, goes in a deep thought to sort out his choices and to end up giving an answer but he isn’t able to. He comes back home discusses with the parents and they console him to be clear about it soon!

At this point, here is when WE come into the scene. When the parents and students altogether need a guiding light, we stand with you and for you and for millions of likes of Raju’s.

We provide you a portal where you can start from scratch about the career needs and paths and how? Let us see:

* Irreplaceable Counseling sessions

It is said” The secret of getting ahead is getting started”. We follow the same quote. We help you start away your journey with amazingly designed counseling sessions. We are your friend, mentor, guide, and anyone you want us to be.

We help you throughout the process, clearing your small to smallest doubt regarding your choices. We are just a call, mail, or SMS away. We provide counseling via calls, mails and chats.

The sessions are taken by incredibly learned and certified professionals who help you in your problems. 

You can also schedule an in-person interaction with our professional via scheduling seminars and workshops              in  your institution/university.

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa which means MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME. Ask whatever you want from us regarding your career and we will answer. This is only what we want for you. Because we consider you our family!

1. Psychometric Tests designed to perfection

Confused about what to go for after your high school? Attempt our Stream Selector test. It is designed specifically keeping in mind the psychology of a class 10th student. What he/she might have in mind!

The various confusions regarding selection of stream, why chose the particular stream?, why not to choose the other streams available?, all are answered after you attempt this test which shows what are you inclined towards.

What if you are an engineer and you are inclined towards writing? Or a Biologist inclined towards painting? No Worries! At CPSTOWN, we provide you with an Ideal Career Test, attempting which at any stage of your life you can analyze where you are going wrong and get to know where exactly you fit in and not adjust!

We want you to fit in a world which you want to create for yourself and not adjust in a world which isn’t meant for you. The icing on the cake is, it is for all age groups because who said chasing your dreams are a variable of your age?

2. Variety of courses

We provide with the best courses in these times. It is important for you to understand that we have got a scheduled time to perform our acts well. So we have got for you the courses which are currently quite IN in the trend. You can go through all of them and  take a firm decision therein.

3. Entrances ALERT

Missed out on an important examination lately? We are here at your rescue. Stay tuned with us and you would have a perfect layout of all the upcoming important events and entrance examinations going to happen.

4. Motivational Boost

We know how taxing and difficult this whole journey is therefore we are here to provide you with motivational blogs, talks and quotes at our portal to up your morale when you find yourself struggling through, just drop in at CPSTOWN and rest leave it up to us.

Our Motto

Your dream, we make it happen!

We aim at providing the best content and knowledge and access to information related to various courses, institutions, prospects etc.

At CPSTOWN, if you are a parent or a student, either of your queries related to career and streams will be solved because we abide to do so for you. We consider it our responsibility to make your dreams coming true. For us your stepping in onto the right career path is primarily and we go to any extent to do so!