How to choose career options in Films and Media after 12th

Making a career in Film industry was once a distant dream. There was a general assumption that film industry is all about a hero and heroine dancing and singing on the hills. But as soon as the need for rich entertainment increases it eventually results in more versatile and out of routine jobs. The Film and Media industry is offering some very attractive career options that anyone can opt, once he/she is done with their intermediate. So here is the list of course options for students who want to make their career in Film and Media Industry.

  1. Film Production Direction and Management :



This is the major course that covers the total idea of Film and T.V. industry. This course allows you to learn all aspects of film production from the perspective of a film producer and also the film director. The program covers both technical and theory aspects related to the film. The learning module of this course comprises of following:

  • Direction
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • Production

This course is offered by different institutes and the course completion span varies from 18 months to 3 years. At the end of course completion the ward holds a Diploma/Bachelor degree. The key skills learned after completing this course will help you in making your career in following fields :

  • Director
  • Producer
  • Executive Producer
  • Event Management
  • Marketing & Distribution of Films and T.V
  1. Diploma in Drama and Acting :

If all the time of your life you have enjoyed playing different roles, observed cinema emotionally, theatre and acting give you goosebumps then finding a career in acting is your salvation. This is one field where you can chase your dreams and meet the most creative people in the industry. The course completion span of this degree is 6 months to 3 years.

  1. Certification in Screenwriting :

The backbone of any film is its story. How mesmerising the locations are, how good the direction is, how practical and real acting has been done but if your skills of telling a saga is not up to the mark then your all efforts are in vain. Not just having a good story telling but also to convert it into a great script is the need of the hour. In order to understand the technical aspects of screen writing there are some certification and diploma programs available having course completion span of 4 to 12 months. After completing this course you can search for jobs as a screen/script writer.

  1. Media and Mass Communication :

The Indian Media and Entertainment sector is enjoying a bright summer since the past of couple years. Getting a job in this hotshot domain not just improves your financial conditions but also enhance your social status. There are so many media colleges that are mushrooming in the country and offering Bachelor degree program in Journalism and mass communication. The course span is 3 years.

  1. Animation Film Designing :

Aspiring from Hollywood industry, Bollywood is ready to build some really cool animated films. In past years the presence of animated content in Bollywood industry has been increased exponentially. This increase has shot up the necessity of great animators and designers. In coming future having a skill set of creating great animation will really help in getting good career growth and opportunities. There are many courses available for students to opt after class 12th, if they want to make their career in animation industry.

Those days have been ended when getting featured on T.V and Films is out of reach for general people. The film industry is not just limited to two three job roles. In fact it is the most versatile job opportunity industry. Finding a career in this industry is nonetheless dreams come true kinda feeling.

Best Career Options In Airport Ground Staff (Aviation Industry)

The choices of career making is unfolding in different dimensions. It’s not like the old way when youth has to choose only between Medical or Engineering. Now the options are limitless. Its up to you that what is in your Wishlist to achieve. There are numerous short term diploma courses available in Industry that offers a respected Job profile with decent Salary structure. Talking in this league, career making in Airport Ground Staff is very popular nowadays. Its not just a great industry to work for but also a marvellous place to build your personality. So all the What, How, Why, about this course has been briefly covered in this article.

What is Airport Ground Staff & what they do?

At any airport, Ground staff is a group who proactively engaged in managing and maintaining the level of comfort of everyone present in the airport premises. Ground staff at an airport perform several important duties to ensure the safety and comfort of airline passengers and crew members. It includes baggage checking, stocking aircraft with refreshments and cleaning the plane and runway between flights. Their job also involves issuing the passengers their tickets, get their luggage stamped and to handle issues due to late/early departure and arrivals of flight.

How to become an Airport Ground Staff Executive?  (Course Details)

There are various institutes offering Certificate course for Airport Ground Staff. Taking training from such institutes will build your complete understanding about this industry.

It is a 3 to 6 months certification course offered by different institutes as well as some airlines too. The complete fees of this course varies from 40k-60k depending upon different curriculum offered by different institutes.

The major syllabus covered under of this course is listed below:

Persona management

Soft skills

Principles of aviation

Aviation operations

Customer service for global clientele

Resource management at airports

Load and trim Cargo

DGR Flight scheduling Airport ramp management

Getting acquired by such great skills will impart a great effect on your personality and result in betterment your professional career.

What are the Jobs and salary offered after completing this course?

The major job roles offered after completion of this course are following:

  1. Guest Service Personnel
  2. Guest Service Supervisor
  3. Passenger Service Staff
  4. Cargo Handling Staff

The salary bars for these profiles starts from 15,000 and goes to some good amount after relevant experience. If you compare the starting remuneration after completing this course with a high investment graduation programme then it is easy to find that going with this course is not a bad idea.

Choosing an industry that not only enhance your personality but also constructively build your living standard  is the best thing to go for. Making your career in Aviation industry will not only open the gates of career expansion but also make you rich in terms of strong work ethics and multinational corporate experience.

Best Career Options In Agricultural Engineering In India

Choosing a right career to pursue is not everyones’ cup of tea. It’s not just getting enrolled in any program with high placement promise. But actually, it is finding the right industry that matches your skill set. The most hotshot under graduate programme followed by Indian students is Engineering. The broad spectrum of courses available in Engineering give students a fair chance to choose any desired stream. But 90% of students are unaware of a special UG Programme that gives you better future in comparison to other conventional engineering streams.

What is

Engineering & Scope in India?

Agricultural engineering basically teaches students to use engineering principles toward problem-solving and improvement in agricultural systems. Agricultural Engineering helps to make agriculture sustainable, profitable and a very competitive business venture through various engineering inventions. The purpose of agricultural engineering programme is to provide an educational experience based on the fundamentals of engineering.

Course Details:

The basic eligibility criteria for getting enrolled in agricultural engineering programme across India is following:

  1. Combination of Phy-Chem and Maths (PCM) or Phy-Chem and Biology (PCB) is compulsory in 12th standard.
  2. Passing the entrance exam of Indian Council of Agricultural Research or JEE-M open the gates of big colleges.
  3. On the basis of marks obtained in Entrance examination student are eligible to be a part of counselling process that further leads to final admission. In this stage students opt different colleges offering this course.
  4. After getting admission, student have to attend 4 years of regular programme which is further segregated into 8 semesters.


The syllabus of agricultural engineering has a different flair as compared to regular B.Tech programme. The course of first 2 semesters of Ag. Engg. have some common subjects with B.E/B.Tech. But after first year, this course totally emphasize on core agriculture subjects. The intention of introducing these kind of subjects is to increase the in-depth study of agriculture. The Course has focus on solving real time problems faced by farmers. So to achieve this goal the curriculum of course is designed in a very proactive & interactive manner.

Jobs offered after Ag. Engg. :

Once a student completes this course, he/she can easily get a job in Govt. or Private sector. Students can go for these job opportunities.

Government jobs:

Each state has separate Agricultural Engineering department. Students can get better jobs in different agricultural department.


In banking sector there is special post for agriculture graduate as an Agriculture Field Officer.


After cracking ASRB (Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board) students can join as a Scientist.

Post Graduation:

After completing Post Graduation in Agricultural Engineering, students have options of joining any state university as well as some deemed universities as an Assistant Professor.

The starting average salary in private sector after completion of this course is 2.5 Lakhs per annum to 4.5 Lakhs per annum. This amount is not less than any average package offered in different engineering colleges in India. So the Return of investment of this course is fair & great. Students can really think to pursue their career in this field.